Unconditional Love

Jerry Sargeant, known as ‘The Facilitator’, is the founder of Star Magic Healing, a powerful motivational speaker, an international bestselling author and is world renowned for healing people, creating rapid shifts within them and transforming their lives on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual planes.

Jerry himself understands transformation at the deepest level and knows about setting ones-self free, after living a life fit for a Hollywood movie. Being a drug addict from a young age and walking a different path, which led to a life of crime and mixing with some of the world’s most dangerous criminals, to knowing a life where love and compassion are at the heart of Jerry’s world.


Jerry’s ability to heal has been likened to some of the most powerful healers in history, having facilitated the healing of broken bones, removing tumours, cysts, dissolving fibromyalgia, healing hearts as well as healing broken relationships and super-charging businesses to achieve massive success.

Through all his trials and tribulations Jerry knows the key to transformation is unconditional love and this message he delivers in his own unique, down to earth style that everyone can grasp, internalise and use to create phenomenal transformation in their own lives.

Jerry travels the globe, speaking, healing and training through his work, with a vision to elevate global consciousness in a phenomenal way and create freedom for human-kind, by connecting every man, woman and child, through their heart, to unconditional love.

Jerry is also the creator of the Planets most powerful meditation library where the lives of thousands have been catapulted to achieve happiness and success in all areas of their lives.

‘We, as incarnated souls, surf on historical evolutionary waves. The wave that just rose is unique – let’s ride it together as one human family through time and space on this magical journey of a life time. It’s time to elevate our global vibration, heal each other and send a galactic vortex of love into the ocean of universal consciousness, that ripples through this beautiful green and blue planet we call home, hovering in infinite space.’


When you want rapid, lasting transformation in your life Jerry will deliver, every time. Whether you want Jerry to speak at your event, inspire and motivate your audience or to come and work with your team to align their frequency to impact your business or to facilitate healing in a large or smaller group environment, then contact us now. We will discuss your needs and provide you with a tailor-made service that will elevate you and your business in every way.

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We are a global human family and everyone is equal. Let’s create a world where the Planets resources are shared equally between all men, women and children. A world where harmony sustains and nurtures us all. A world where joy flows through our planetary nervous system and unites us as brothers and sisters on the frequency of love.’
-Jerry Sargeant