Jerry on the Conscious Life Expo Panel in Los Angeles

February 2017 was Jerry’s first trip to the United States with Star Magic Healing, where he ran three powerful workshops and sat on a panel of experts offering guidance and demonstrating the power of the Star Magic Healing Frequency through a powerful consciousness expanding guided healing meditation. Jerry’s work was well received in America and […]
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Launching the new 18 day infinite wisdom frequency healing

If you want to change your current reality then you must change your frequency, so you can attract and experience a higher vibrational reality. The 18 Day Infinite Wisdom (IW) Group Frequency Healing will do just that. The Infinite Wisdom 18 Day Healing Journey is a powerful tool to help support and accelerate total abundance in all […]
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Star Magic Training Experience Ignited Multiple Lights Once again

May 2017 saw Star Magic flow through the souls of another group of awesome human beings who came to expand, ignite and transform their worlds with Jerry Sargeant and Team Star Magic. Star Magic merges the science of subtle energy and quantum physics with the incredible power of active imagination and focused intent to produce […]
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Book Launch Bucharest Romania

Jerry was in Bucharest, Romania’s Capital City for an exciting book launch in March 2018. ‘Editura For You’, the publisher of Star Magic Heal the You-Niverse, in Romania, hosted Jerry and the team for an amazing gathering where Jerry shared his extraordinary journey, took the audience through a powerful series of Star Magic Guided Healing […]
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